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Outdoor & Indoor Scavenger Hunt [Downloadable Template]

Author: Melanie Hering

For all ages up to 10, with adult supervision :-)

OUTDOOR: Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Autumn is around the corner. As the leaves fall from the trees, and the seasons change from one to the other why not go out and see what you can find in the park, in your garden, right around the corner from where you live, across the street…?

New colours, new smells… What else will you discover? Maybe animals, maybe some flowers still :-)  

How to:

GO OUTSIDE and see if you can find something…

That has a shape you like?
That an animal would eat? Or maybe a home for an animal…?
Something you find…
That you would like to keep? 

Stick & Draw

If you are able to take your collection of treasures home you might like to try to draw them. 

Give them new names

You could also look them up and find out what your pieces of nature are called… You could give them new names :-)

You can do the activity on your own, with your parents, or you could make the hunt a competition if your doing it with friends or siblings or both! The first one who finds all the different parts of the hunt wins!!

Download Outdoor Scavenger hunt template here.

INDOOR: Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Rainy day? No worries, we have prepared an indoor version that you can do inside in your house and see what you can find in the top drawer...on the the old toy basket...?

How to:

1. On a piece of paper or card draw a big rainbow, with paints, or markers or pencil colours.
The colours are (from top to bottom)


2. Go outside and see if you can find something that best matches each of the colours
3. Bring your objects back and place them on your rainbow

Download Indoor Scavenger hunt template here.

We wish you a lovely hunting day. Please share it with us using #filouplay on instagram. Can't wait to see your results! Don't forget to sanitize and wash your hands after the scavenger hunt. 

Stay curious and safe,

Melanie & Filouteam

Author: Melanie Hering 
Illustrator: Patsara