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Mindfulness sound drawing

Author: Melanie Hering

What sounds can you hear around the house? What sounds do you hear in the garden? At school? In the park?


Today we are going to draw those sounds! 

Sit somewhere where you are comfortable and listen to all the sounds around you. It could be in your bedroom, or in the kitchen, or even outdoors (if you are warm enough brrr!)


We are going to use these sounds to make a drawing. What shapes and patterns are going to appear…??

For example, if you hear music you draw a squiggly line! If you are hearing many sounds at once then pick your favourite one. 

Here is a set of rules to follow, but you can also make up your own or add as many new rules as you like! Have fun!! 


Music = squiggly lines

Human voices = small dots

Bird sound = dotted lines

Traffic / car sounds = fast scribbles

Machine sounds = circles

Dog barking = triangles

Silence = cloud shapes

Airplane = smudges

Wind = zig-zag lines

We have experimented this activity over a zoom call and it turns out like this!

Mindfulness sound drawing

If you're staying in this Christmas. This is a fun activity to do together to help children bring their attention back to themselves in this loud, fuzzy, crazy year! Why not give it a go! Share your results with us using #filoucreation.


We look forward to see your sound drawing!

Filouteam :)