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Filoutoys' story: Our favorite childhood toys

Author: Melanie Hering

This week's blog stems from a conversation we had in the park while doing scavenger hunt. Initially we talked about memories of our favourite toys. We think it might be interesting to look back to the toys that made us who we are. How toys from our childhood are different or the same even though we're from different parts of the world. How us, as children have different ways and set up different rules in playing with them.  

Mel - 30 - Switzerland

This is my teddy Nounou

Nounou was my absolute favourite stuffed animal when I was growing up. It was given to me by my grandmother when I was 7 years old and had just moved to Geneva. We went to the toy shop and I could choose whichever toy I wanted. I took Nounou with me everywhere, I couldn’t even imagine spending one night without it. I had no idea whether Nounou was a boy or a girl, but that really didn’t matter at all. What mattered most was that Nounou was there for me, my loyal companion. 

When I was 18 and decided to go to university and move to London, my older brother told me I couldn’t possibly take my teddy with me. So, slightly broken hearted, I left Nounou with my mum, and she has been taking good care of it ever since ☺ 

Fay - 30 - Thailand

My favourite childhood toy is bead kit. 
(This is not the original kit but it look quite similar)

I played with all kinds of toy, remote control cars, wooden blocks, Furby, paperdolls and Barbies. Nothing trumps this bead kit tho. The original purpose behind this kit is for kids to learn threading and to make necklaces and bracelets. But of course, my way of playing with it totally defeats this purpose. 

I remember one summer, every day I would open an imaginary noodle bar in my living room using beads as imaginary ingredients. My regular customer is my brother and of course, all of the barbies I had back then. The bead kit comes with variety of amazing shapes and sizes in a lovely pinkish two-level round box with turquoise handle on top.

To illustrate more (just so you can see how amazing this bead kit is) On the top level this bead box, there are nine compartments that stored special shape beads such as heart shape, start shape and colour flowers beads. They're my most beautiful belonging, so precious and rare to find. I'd use them as a special ingredient and as meatballs in my noodle. The lower level contains normal rounded beads that I thread them to use as noodles. The rest, I will use them as broth. 

I played like this for hours and hours. Some special day, I'll come up with a special menu like pork skewers and use lego to make them. It is just so fascinating how imagination gives us such an unlimited possibility! 

Kris - 29 - Thailand

My favorite toy is spinning fairy. 

I remember spending hours on end with the spinning fairy. I don't remember when or where or who got it for me but it was my most prized possession back then. She's made from plastic with beautiful pastel and glittery body. I loved her so much that I broke down in tears when she lost one of her wings. Me and my brothers would try to compete making it fly as high as possible. When it's my turn to play I would watch her fly away and made up a story about different parts of the world she'll go and the people she'll meet. My brother and I would often act out these scenes (She mostly went to Australia to meet kangaroos). We still have this toy at our home in Bangkok.

We've asked our friends from all over the world to share their stories about their favourite childhood toys on our instagram. Please check it out.

From now until Halloween, we are doing "Filoutoys'story" to give away our signature Playdough Kit. Please share photos of your young self and your fav toy on instagram, tag us and use #filoutoystory so we can find your post! We'll random pick the lucky one at the end of this month and send you a free playdough kit :)

We are very excited to see and hear the stories from you guys.