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What can you see out of the window?

Author: Melanie Hering

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, we spend more and more time indoors… We look out into the world through windows, framing the different things around us.
Maybe you can draw what you see…! Things, nature, people, animals and everything in between! (template attached)


-your bedroom window?

- your living room window

-from your kitchen window?


How does it look out of your window…

-In the morning?

-Before you go to bed?

-In the middle of the day?



-The sun is shining?

-It’s raining?

-There is a thunderstorm?


Use your imagination…
What would you see out of the window if you were

-By the seaside?

-On the moon or in outer-space?

-In the middle of the jungle?


Or if it was

-A hot summer day?

-An autumnal afternoon

-An afternoon in December 

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