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Natural Play Set (Loose Parts)
Natural Play Set (Loose Parts)

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Natural Play Set (Loose Parts)

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Finally, as requested! We've expanded our loose-part play set range. In the box, you'll find eco-friendly play materials that are great for creative open-ended play. They can be used to build, stamp or combine together to unleash children's imaginations.

Teach about shape and form
Unlock new sense in texture
It is basically an eco Lego!

    What's in the box?

    2 x Natural Wood Slices
    2 x Driftwood
    2 x Eucalyptus Bell Pods
    4 x Wallichi Pods
    4 x Small Pine Cones
    4 x Mahogany Slices
    1 x Dried Green Orange
    4 x Putka Pods
    2 x Seashells
    Linen bag

    Suitable for 3 years and up